Backend Installation Process for server

  • Step 1: First of all, you need to deploy the backend in your Domain or Subdomain. But we recommend subdomain actually. For example,
    Now you need to zip the taxstick-backend file.

  • Step 2: Then you have to go to your file manager of your server panel or cPanel, then upload the file.Then Unzip the file.

  • Step 3: If yarn is not installed, then use the following command to install yarn: sudo apt update and sudo apt install yarn

  • Step 4: Check yarn version, It will show some number. yarn --version command and hit enter.

  • Step 5: If it does not show any version number then run this command on your server terminal: sudo npm i -g yarn

  • Step 6: Now open your terminal and enter sudo yarn command and hit enter.

  • Step 7: You can see the uploaded files And You can see node_modules.

  • Step 8: In your hosting panel or cPanel now create a node.js project and connect this node project with the directory that you have already uploaded for backend.

Now your backend server is ready to use. Please copy your backend URL to set within your frontend project. For example,